By Natalie Clark

    In the last newsletter I wrote about Vera Lloyd’s number one Core Value…Love. In this issue I want to share with you how our other core values are reflected in summer activities.

    Trust –Each home has a Nurture Group or circle of trust at least once a week where our youth talk about what one young lady referred to as “real issues”. The youth also receive instruction from staff on self-regulation.

    Family –Families experience vacations and outings during the summer. Our youth have enjoyed a trip to Magic Springs, a week at Ferncliff Camp, and a visit to the Museum of History with their Vera Lloyd family.

    Respect –Guitar lessons continue for our youth this summer. Learning to play the guitar requires respect for the instructor and each other, as well as discipline to practice.

    Empowerment –Our first Junior Academy is taking place this summer, as part of the Transition Services curriculum. This program prepares juniors for their senior year and beyond. The goal is to teach personal responsibility and empower our youth for life after Vera Lloyd.

    Love, Trust, Family, Respect and Empowerment…our core values know no season. Thanks to your support and our dedicated staff Vera Lloyd youth will have a summer to remember.


    Donna Mahurin

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