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    “I was placed in the home when I was 16. I was a troubled child from a troubled family. Vera Lloyd changed my life! You helped me put God back in my life, finish my education and prepare for my future. It’s been 10 years and I’m a proud mother of two beautiful children and have a wonderful husband! I thank you for taking me under your wing and helping mold me into the woman I’ve become.”

    Mary Wigginton, Alumnus

    “I cannot fathom what those kids have been through, and yet at Vera Lloyd, they mature and change because of the stability, the support, the love and the education/experiences they have on that campus.”


    Julie Robbins, Board Member

    “This is an outstanding organization and incredible, life-changing ministry is happening every day on this campus. Lives are being transformed and youth and children are experiencing healing and are given love and hope for the future.”

    Stewart Smith

    “We may never know the impact these activities, our involvement and our gifts have made on the lives of girls who have called Barton House their home. Yet, we continue to demonstrate to these girls that they are special and that someone—even strangers—value them enough to reach out to them and put Christ’s healing love into action.”

    Sharlie Rigby, Second Presbyterian Church of Little Rock

    “Success stories are numerous when hearing how lives have been changed through simple acts of God’s love toward these young people, given by caring members of Presbyterian congregations throughout our presbytery and an excellent staff of house parents, teachers, counselors, administrators and many others who serve at Vera Lloyd.”

    Jeanne Lloyd, Presbytery of Arkansas PWCT

    “I am very drawn to our mission statement, ‘sharing Christ’s healing love,’ it’s global. You can feel that in every interaction [at Vera Lloyd], even in conflict. I can feel that. So it’s not only a goal, it’s an experience.”

    Dee Davenport, Board Member

    “The influence of life at Vera Lloyd really does last for a lifetime.”

    Rev. Joe Hill

    “I’m excited to see how the Lord works within our girls at Vera Lloyd. I spend a lot of time with them and can see how their lives are changing – how the hurt turns to healing, even in the smallest amounts.”

    Vera Lloyd Staff Member

    “I spent my teen-aged years at Vera Lloyd. I am 40 years old now. It… was life changing! I will forever hold this home and all the employees in my heart forever!”

    P. Thompson, Alumnus

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