Youth Services

How We Care for Youth in Need

Our team makes sure youth have everything they need to be successful in our care:

  • A pioneering model of care known as the Trust Based Relational Intervention, which was developed by the Texas Christian University Institute of Child Development. TBRI helps to heal youth who experienced trauma early in life.
  • All transportation for youth to school, extracurricular activities, medical appointments, court and cultural activities.
  • Nutritious meals following U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines.
  • Independent living skills, including nutrition, cooking, laundry, budgeting and social skills. Youth in our care earn an allowance for completing chores in the home.
  • Professional counseling for youth to reach goals related to behavior, education, independent living, family relationships, and/or overcoming alcohol or substance abuse challenges.
  • Opportunity for their spiritual needs to be met by attending church or Bible studies on campus. Every youth is given a Bible of their own.
  • Opportunity to participate in physical fitness activities each day. We offer an indoor and outdoor basketball courts, weight room, fitness videos, paddle boats for use on our pond, and bicycles. We also host fitness instructors who teach classes on campus.
  • Clothes, shoes, personal hygiene items, school supplies and opportunities to for cultural, recreational and spiritual opportunities.
  • Tutors and a GED program for youth who need help improving their academic outcomes.