What We Do

What We Do


Vera Lloyd is home to 42 boys and girls in state custody at any one time and close to 200 boys and girls every year.wrap text

In 2015, Vera Lloyd was a safe and nurturing home for: 

25 youth from northwest Arkansas, 19 youth from northeast Arkansas, 41 youth from central Arkansas, 40 youth from southwest Arkansas and 64 youth from southeast Arkansas.

Youth in our care are ages eight to 21. In 2015, the age breakdown was 51 who were age 12 or under, 133 who were age 13 to age 17 and five who were 18 or older. The gender breakdown was 111 males and 78 females. The ethnicity breakdown was 55% white, 41% African-American, three percent bi-racial and one percent Hispanic.

Youth stayed an average of five days in respite care, an average of 39 days in emergency shelter, an average of 148 days in therapeutic group home for boys who have committed misdemeanors and an average of 170 days for long-term residential care.

Youth in respite care can only stay 10 days; youth in emergency shelter can only stay 45 days; youth in therapeutic group home return home when their term is complete and youth in residential care leave because of a different placement, family reunification or aging out of care.