Board of Directors

Class of 2020                  
Anne Allen, Little Rock
Marie Bishop, Hot Springs
Frank Johnson, Fayetteville
Julie C. Robbins, Little Rock
Alan Rowell, Little Rock
Jeffrey Stephens, Hot Springs
Carol Sue Wooten, Fayetteville

Class of 2019                  

Ed Baldwin, Hot Springs Village
Laura Batey, Bentonville
Bill Daniels, Monticello
Wanda Hartnuss, Little Rock
Vickey Jacobs, Monticello
Tip Pugh, Portland
Vann Smith, Little Rock

Class of 2018 

Tasha Blackburn, Fort Smith
Dee Davenport, Little Rock
Mike Farris, Benton
Vernita Humphrey, Little Rock
Geoffrey Kearney, Pine Bluff
Tommy Maxwell, Monticello
Steve Moss, North Little Rock
Julie Trimble, El Dorado
Janis Walmsley, Batesville

Ex-Officio Members
Rev. Karen Akin, Little Rock
Rev. Joe Hill II, Presbytery of the Pines
Rev. Stewart Smith, Presbytery of Arkansas
Larry Stanley, Hot Springs

Foundation Board 
Liz Black, Lake Village
Ted Carmical, Dermott
Dee Davenport, Little Rock
Jim Hyden, Little Rock
Tommy Maxwell, Monticello
Kelly McQueen, Little Rock
Tip Pugh, Portland
Marci Riggs, Little Rock
Larry Stanley, Hot Springs

Our board of directors includes committed philanthropists, volunteers and experts in their field from all areas of the state. Board members govern the agency and provide guidance regarding finances, facilities, programs and fundraising activities.

Staff Leadership 

Donna Mahurin

Chief Executive Officer  

Hamid Amin

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer  
Nathaniel Burton

Site Director  

Kathy French 


                      Director of Development